On the Constitution-Breaches.Com home page, the links:
"Click Here for the Documents Proving that the University Agreed the Issues Should Be Resolved in Court", and
"Click Here for the Documents Proving Henya was illegally Denied Admission into the Faculty of Medicine"

provide you with the actual university documents proving that people are being illegally and unconstitutionally discriminated against to deny them admission into certain university faculties.

There are also the two inescapable facts:

(1) When a government body, such as a public university, does something new, it would love to have a court ruling stating that what it is doing is legal.  However, in this case, the university and the government that pays its bills, immediately changed their mind and refused to have a trial on the issues, when Henya wanted to have a trial to get a court ruling on what they are doing.

(2) At least 7 major Canadian news media sources wrote dishonest cover-up stories, in which they knowingly told lies, and knowingly hid the truth, to cover-up the illegal Constitution Breaching actions of the universities and the governments that pay their bills.

Those actions of the universities and the governments that support them, of using unconstitutional admissions methods to secretly discriminate against certain people, will create a divided society.  Even when the people who were wrongly cheated out of their career are too afraid to speak out, or have no way to speak out, they know what happened to them.  They know that for them, the Country's Constitution and statements of being able to make whatever you want out of your life if you work hard enough, is a lie. Because they worked hard enough, and achieved higher grades and higher relevant (MCAT, LSAT, etc.) scores; but were secretly discriminated against and wrongly kept out of the faculty the deserved to be admitted into.

The United States and Canada will no longer have the most qualified people becoming engineers, doctors, lawyers, professors, etc., because some people of lesser ability in the area will be let into the faculties and some people with greater ability in the area will be kept out of the faculties.

Other portions of the Constitution will become breached, because once it is known that breaching the Constitution can be gotten away with; other people in positions of power, who want more power and need to breach the Constitution to get that additional power, will follow the illegal path shown to them by the universities.  Freedom and Civil Rights will continue to decline until the North America of some future point in this century will have become like the oppressive countries we used to pity.

The final proof of our loss of freedom is most of you, the people who read this website.  Most of you are afraid to post links to this website on social media, most of you are even afraid to talk about this website with your friends and family.  In the days of Joseph Stalin, people in the Soviet Union were afraid to talk about the wrong being done by their like public universities.  North Americans looked down on the Soviet Union news media, Pravda, because it was afraid to talk about wrong things the government was doing, and it lied to cover-up government wrong doing.

The Canadian media lied to cover-up government university wrong doing.  I have contacted many American news papers and many University student papers, and most of them are afraid to even mention this website.  They know that the documents and Constitutional Passages shown on this website prove what is happening.  They know that what is happening is a bigger story than most of the stories they publish every day; but they are afraid to even mention this website in their papers.  Your own fear and the fear of the American media and the fear of University Student papers is additional proof of what is happening in North America.

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