The main issues have become bigger since Constitution-Breaches.Com went online in 2014.  As we warned would happen, human rights and civil rights have continued to decline in both Canada and the States.

Breachers see that they can get away with breaching the Constitution because the government will allow the Constitution to be breached; and so more Breachers feel emboldened to breach the constitution, and those that were breaching it increase their breaches.

They breach the Constitution to enhance their personal power or to enhance the power of the institutions they run.

Therefore the main issue has become: "To what extent are the governments of Canada and the States hoping to diminish human rights and civil rights by allowing their Constitutions to be breached ?"

The two secondary main issues have become:

"Why is the government refusing to hold a public inquiry into the Constitutional Breaches that are taking place in the admissions processes of many publicly funded universities and colleges in the States and Canada?"  and

"Why are the Canadian and American governments O.K. with allowing breaches of the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights to continue to take place against tens of thousands of Americans and Canadians, in our own countries; when it was Canada and the States that helped write the U.N.s' Universal Declaration of Human Rights ?"

It is self-evident that constitutional violations, civil rights violations, human rights violations and free speech violations are occurring in those universities and colleges where their admissions process:
(1) includes a component which could violate free speech;
(2) gives power to a few people to admit students they select;
(3) includes a component the answers to which cannot be checked
     and verified for legitimacy and accuracy;
(4) includes a component the score of which cannot be checked
     and verified for legitimacy and accuracy; or
(5) does not allow students to see exactly how their admissions score
     was determined and challenge any part of their admissions score
     that is not verifiable or is not based on a provable form of provably
     relevant merit.

In addition, scoring based on a person's opinions, as happens in interviews and essays, even if done correctly, is a HUGE VIOLATION of Civil Rights and of Constitutional Rights, because in a free country people are entitled to express whatever opinion they want to express, without their opinion being held against them; THAT IS THE ESSENCE OF FREE SPEECH.

All other freedoms are based on Free Speech.  For science to advance, for social change to take place, for freedom of religion to exist, for civil rights to exist, people have to be free to express their opinions; and that means ALWAYS free to express their opinions; because the alternative is to say that people are sometimes free to express their true opinions, but other times must lie.  But saying that sometimes you have to lie about your opinion to not be discriminated against by a government funded body, like a university, doesn't sound like the words of our Constitution or of the U.N.'s Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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