Constitution Breaches.Com provides facts and documents proving

that universities, colleges and technical institutes in both Canada and the United States, in collusion with the federal, provincial and state governments that fund them, are increasing their discrimination based on race, religion, color, personal background, place of origin, political beliefs, sexual orientation, and many other illegal factors; in gross violation of the constitutions of both Canada and the United States, and in gross violation of U.N. Human Rights law.

This website is being revised to include many additional facts and documents, because, as warned by this website in 2014, the breaches, violations and discriminations have increased each year as the governments condition people to accept fewer constitutional protections and fewer human rights, and to being afraid to complain about discrimination by universities, colleges and technical institutes in both Canada and the United States.

It is anticipated that the revised website will be uploaded in July.  Multi-year health problems continue to cause delays.

At that time you will see university documents, court documents and news media stories from which you will be able to determine if any or all of those documents contained malicious defamatory lies about myself and my client, of such a mean spirited nature that it is shocking, and whether or not there was a calculated deliberate intention to smear and discredit the names of two honest people who were fighting against discrimination and the diminishing of constitutional rights and freedoms, so that what was being done by the governments and universities would not be realized until it was to late to reverse the damage.